Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mall shopping

Yesterday we woke up and took care of the kitty.  I took a shower, and waited on mistress to pick out my clothes for the day.  She picked out barely there by sally hansen for my nails, which I will tell you is not "barely there" at all!  We were going to do toes as well with flip flops, but we are both new to this and she felt uncomfortable with too much attention.  So we opted for fingernails and left the house.
The fingernail polish was immediately nere wracking with lunch, but I quickly decided that I should just ignore it.    We got to the mall, and started looking at shoes. Payless shoes just gets worse and worse everytime we go, and there was just no selection (in the store atleast).
We walked by the watch shop, and remembered her Movato needed the links fixed (when I had brought it in to be sized, they took off the links so that it wasn't even on each side of the watch).  While we were waiting, the salesgirl was trying to talk us into a new watch, and put one on me.  This was fine, until we remembered the nails, and it was a little embarrassing.  We finished, and went on from there.  As we walked, we talked about watches and came across one of the little setups in the mall walkways that sold watches I wanted to look at. I kept finding watches that I wanted, and the guy kept telling me they were girl watches (go figure).  There was nothing overtly feminine about them, just smaller versions of each watch.  Anyways, he tried one on me, and it took all of my mistresses patience not to laugh as my nail polish was shown off. She waited until we left to have a  good laugh.
After walking through a few more stores, she took me into Aeropostale and picked out a couple shirts, including one for me!  It really is hard to find girl clothing that is "passable" (we're going down to androgenous,  then girlie, baby steps here).  Here it is :

Because I didn't try it on, I ended up getting a size too small, and it just didn't look right.  I got chastised about it later that night, and now I have to return it and get something else (my mistress and I are looking online to see what I will get when I go back tomorrow).   
After we went to the mall, we still had a few things to get, so we decided to go to Ross and Marshall's.  When we went to Ross, she informed me that I needed a day to day bra.  I had a couple bras already, but they were padded and just not useful for everyday wear as a male teen girl in training. So we found a little A cup wirefree bra and got it.  We went next door to Marshall's, and she had me look at jeans while she looked at shoes.  Above is a picture of the jeans she picked out for me.  

So, we got home and had dinner.  I talked her into changing my nail polish from that other color to hello kitty pink, and we went to play pool.  Everything went pretty well, except for a few guys who like to give the high five, turn to a quick hug, slap the back thing.  We got out of there and had a fun time afterwards :)  
One thing I am finding out, though, is that while getting a little alcohol in mistress does lead us to having more bedroom playtime, it definitely makes her more free to be dominant.  Apparently, I now have to wear this bra whenever leaving the house, from now on.  She also talked about getting me a tote bag to carry, as girls have to, and it is useful, especially with such small pockets.  I don't know you guys...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Not following instructions...

So, my mistress was interested in getting me out of the house for a while, and could tell I was getting restless. She had decided that I should go bra shopping at a Ross/Marshall's type store.  For one, there would be the embarrassment of being checked out with a 36/38 A cup bra, and also - she wanted me to go look at sandals for her and send pics of any nice looking ones (one thing I do have is a little style).  I had missed the exit and had to stop at the store anyways to have a spare key made, so I went ahead and just bought a bra there (walmart type store).  I did cheat a little and use the self checkout aisle though. 

When I got home later, she asked me if I had seen any cute shoes, to which I honestly replied no.  I did let her know later when we were playing (our term for intimate time) where I had gotten it.  She thought about the self check later on, and when she realized I had done it, I got spanked. :(  This is when she decided to have me start this blog.  Now I am supposed to go out tomorrow in flip flops with my nails done to match my fingers, get a few pairs of panties at the right store, while looking at shoes for her.  I have a few other errands, but the only thing I worry about is playing pool, where I have league buddies show up often.  I have had painted nails before, but it is usually not that noticeable.  But she has these hello kitty colors that are obscene, and I don't know that I will get away with it.  Sometimes I wonder if I really want to get myself into all this mess!

First Post

Hi everybody!

My mistress asked me to start a blog to keep track of all of the situations I find myself in with this lifestyle, as well as to learn from the interaction with and the comments from readers to further understand what it is to be her girl in the making.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out - thanks for reading!